How long does it take to set this system up once I sign up?
Generally speaking, everything should “up and running” within 30 days.

 Do you provide any type of training on how to use the system?
When we first set up the system, we try to minimize any further work on your end, so the system can literally run on auto-pilot from the day it goes live on your site.  But for those dealers that want to do more customization, we can train you on how do do that in your back-end dashboard.

My business is different than most, are you sure this system  will work for me? OR This will never work in my business it’s different here in (insert city name)
I think you’d be surprised how many businesses say the same thing. The Dealer ARS System should work regardless of what part of the county you live in or your specific product, service or target market.

Can you system remove negative reviews on sites like Yelp, Google Plus or Facebook?
No. Once it’s on one of those sites it cannot be removed.  What our system does is try to minimize negative reviews that might appear on those sites.

Do I Have to Sign a Long Term Contract?
No, billing is month to month and you can cancel any time.